Elite Defense Systems' Multi Media Training Programs

Thanks for visiting this page. My name is Matt Numrich and I am Owner and Chief Instructor of Elite Defense Systems, where I've had the blessing of teaching thousands of students over the last 20 years! Although most of them have been civilians, many of them have also included organizations such as the US Army, US Navy, US Air Marshals and ATF (Alcohol Tabacco Firearms and Explosives).


The last 20 years have given me the chance to create training material to meet the needs of people just like you. Although my primary training has been in Bruce Lee's art of Jeet Kune Do, I have also created topic specific programs which cover several other areas too. Below is a list of the resources I've produced, and have separated into three levels with these thoughts in mind:

Beginner: These are basic programs and resources which will give you some background to work and grow from. The video programs are also great for youth and teenagers. Note that the video quality in these is much different than the High Definition filming and professional editing which we used in the following levels.

Intermediate: This is for the active or past active person, who wants more information intensive training.

Advanced: The programs in this category will challenge you with new and exciting information, in addition to adding more techniques, drills and strategies to your arsenal.


All of our programs, except where noted, are delivered electronically. All print is delivered via ebook and all video is accessible online. I know many people want physical DVDs and manuals, but that method is dying out, while electronic format allows you to get the training immediately as you are sent it right after purchase, conveniently because you can watch it not only on your computer but on every mobile device, and easily where you don't have to worry about broken discs, worn manuals or misplaced items. Needless to say, keeping the products electronic also allows us to keep the cost down - saving you tons of money!


Most of the products below have their own web site which allows you to learn so much more about each training aide. However, if at anytime you need specific answers to your questions about these products, email me directly at mattnumrich@gmail.com. Please note I get between 100-175 emails a day which I personally answer, so please allow up to a week before I get back to you.



God Bless your future endeavors, I hope I can be a small part of your success!

Sifu Matt Numrich, M.A.


Published Articles

I've been published internationally now for over a decade. Here are some of my favorites, with no back issue charges! :)

Download Double Trouble – Navigation Through Mass Attacks as PDF

And more!

7 Deadly Sins of Street Fighting

Learn how to not make the mistakes which take down even some of the best martial artists, while discovering the secrets which will skyrocket YOUR self-defense results!

This program is free to you!

  • Can be adapted to any and all styles and arts, no matter what you are training in. You don't have to buy any other program - this is info you can use now.
  • If you are not active in a current program, why not learn a series of “tests” you can hold other programs up to. Very rarely do people start and stay in one particular art these days. The 7 Deadly Street Fighting Sins video program is a perfect “gage” to make sure you are not wasting your time with a ineffective school, art or program.
  • The program is easy. No need to have a huge resume or list of arts you've trained in. You don't have to be an instructor, or certified in any styles.
  • You don't need tons of time either. The program can be watched and learned in less than an hour.
  • You'll get the program emailed to you immediately after you register for it. No need to wait for it to be mailed to you. Register now, and learn how to miss the pitfalls and start growing exponentially in less than 5 minutes.

Insta Self Defense

These 10 Simple Moves-Taught By a Renowned Street Fighting Expert-Will Have You Fully Ready to Protect Yourself in Record Time!

  • The secret three ingredients all self defense moves have in common (these are real-world insights that, once you know them, will completely change the way you feel about self-defense).
  • Four ruthless and brutally efficient moves you can-and should-use if your life is in immediate danger.
  • How to attack from the ground up-Your attacker is hoping the element of surprise from knocking you down will startle you enough to avoid putting up a fight-but he's the one in for a surprise when you use these two simple moves!
  • Why you're making a very painful mistake if you're only using your fists to attack! There''s another part of your body that will do the job BETTER and is resilient enough to withstand just about anything!
  • How to add these martial arts moves to any workout routine for fast, efficient results in less time! Get in better shape without monotonous gym machines and costly memberships? Who wouldn't want that?

Pepper Self Defense

What Is the Best Weapon You Can Carry, Which is Super Effective, Non-Lethal and Totally Legal In Every State?

  • How to determine exactly how many "sprays" your pepper spray has in it (you may be surprised at the answer!)
  • Which of the three major kinds of pepper spray types are right for you? (Hint: They aren't all sprays! This could very well prevent your spray from backfiring and hitting YOU instead!)
  • How hot is your pepper spray? By learning what certain numbers and abbreviations mean, you'll discover just how much heat is in that pepper (and what range you SHOULD have for best results!)
  • What to do once you've sprayed – Most courses teach you to spray – then what? To avoid a "backsplash", learn precisely how to move and what to do whether you're indoors or out.
  • What to do if the attacker grabs your pepper spray – It happens, so make sure you know exactly how to protect yourself and make sure your attacker lets go immediately.
  • My favorite brand of pepper spray – and why I recommend it above all others. Believe me, I've put dozen of hours into finding the best, and I'll even name it for you, through this program.

Elite Defense Systems Basic Conditioning Workout

There are so many workout and conditioning possibilities. Because I have no clue where you are at on your fitness path, here is a simple workout program for novices, or if you are experienced and want to change things up. This program is free!

  • Find out what the most effective exercises are
  • Learn how to create an easy at home workout
  • Target your weak spots with a simple plan
  • Lose weight, tone up and build your confidence
  • Build a workout around your likes and hobbies!
  • Tons more!

Elite Defense Systems Dirty Half Dozen

How to find the right Martial Arts School with the perfect Self-Defense program for you, through super informative videos - FOR FREE

  • The 3 Types of Martial Arts schools, and which two you should avoid!
  • What are the three benefits YOU will get from self-defense training, but may not find everywhere
  • Discover what the "5 Areas of Self-Defense" are... most instructors are clueless to this knowledge (stay away from these schools!)
  • Learn the difference between a "technique and concept", and why this will cut your class time in half!
  • Find out the one question you need to ask FIRST when talking to a school on the phone.
  • What are the little clues you should be aware of when visiting a martial arts school... this will save you at least 3-6 hours of your time and tons of heartache.
  • Bonus Video! If you sign up for this free set of videos, I'll include a bonus video which will hit home for you... and make things really personal. It will probably be the one thing which will help or hurt you when wanting to achieve anything in life!


JKD Newsletter

I have looked at dozens upon dozens of arts, and Jeet Kune Do which was created by the late Bruce Lee is the most complete. In this newsletter I've interviewed and gotten video lessons from some of the top instructors in the world. The first issue is free, and the subscription with monthly interviews, articles and video is very inexpensive when compared to the expertise which is given.

  • One-on-one mp3/audio interviews I did with them (and hear the questions other visitors to this site asked)
  • Transcripts of the interviews just in case you missed some of those "golden nuggets"
  • Information packed articles covering topics which will separate you from the pack
  • My commentaries which explain some of the background tips and tricks we talked about before and after the interviews (which were not recorded)

Fearless Street Fighter

Would you like to take part in the most brutally effective self-defense training today? The foundation of this secret program has been used by the Elite Law Enforcement and Military teams since the 1980's, and has been featured on numerous TV specials. Even the owner of the hardcore fighting phenomenon like the Ultimate Fighting Championship's Dana White acknowledges that it's founder is where "reality fighting" all started.

ATTENTION: This is my flagship, all inclusive, complete training program! It took me two years to create, and is shot in incredible high definition with multiple camera angles. If you have any doubts, start here.

  • Kick-Boxing Range
  • Weapons Defense
  • Ground Fighting
  • Close Quarters & Mass Attack

Five Ways of Attack

The martial arts master Bruce Lee, who is just not "the" action film icon, but a true street fighter, taught on "The 5 Ways of Attack". Although this ground breaking fighting method has been around for a while in different forms, it can be used as an unstoppable fighting strategy which can bring your fighting game up to a new level

  • How to "gain intel" on your opponent in the first couple seconds which will lead to their downfall! You'll know what level your opponent is at and which strategy to use!
  • Learn a handful of "single strike" moves to simplify your arsenal, and take out any thug quickly.
  • Help you organize the information you do know into a laser focused counter attack plan!
  • Find out the easy (but unknown to many) secret of "ABC", using lightning fast combination moves, which will attack multiple areas of your opponent's body.
  • Discover the different "quadrants" and "levels" of the body, and how to use that to your advantage.
  • Get down the one move all pro fighters have mastered (and how you can master it in a very short time)!
  • Learn the "hitting hands" method of fighting (advanced strategies beginners can do too!)
  • Know how to create gapping openings on your opponent's defense, which translate into easy and painful targets.


JKD Summit Seminars

Includes physical DVDs which are mailed to you!

We all know that finding solid JKD Instruction is getting tougher and more difficult. Trying to find a credible instructor in your area is usually hard enough (if there is one at all). If you try to surf through Youtube for JKD videos, you'll be confused by the unorganized mish mash of topics, instructors, and bits and pieces of information. The constant searching and run around can leave even the most motivated person depressed and wasting tons of time. These are just two of the reasons I created the JKD Newsletter and JKD Summit Seminars, which was held last March in Chicago. It was an avalanche of JKD info which kept even the most seasoned practitioner busy!


Doomsday Preppers Training

Whether you think the Apocalypse is coming tomorrow, financial meltdown is coming next year or you just want to prepare yourself by providing protection for you and your loved ones, this is the right information for you

  • Self-Defense
  • Emergency Medical
  • Firearms Defense
  • Tactical Knife/Stick Defense
  • Outdoor Survival Strategies
  • Firearms Perimeter Techniques
  • Special Black Bag Defense
  • Food Growing and Storage
  • Tactical Firearms Training

Intensive Personal Training Program

I have a practitioner (2 day) or instructorship (3 day) camp, where you travel to my academy and train with me and my staff. If you are serious about this step, even if you are a novice, please email me at mattnumrich@gmail.com, and put your name and phone number in the subject line. I will email you back and set up a phone consultation to talk about your goals and the details of the program.