Sifu Diet Principles, Part 2

As promised, here is a sample of what I’ve been eating for the last three weeks, including my workout schedule:

6am: Weight lifting or Cardio workout

7am: 3 scrambled eggs, english muffin, water, omega 3 pill

9am: Protein bar, water

12noon: Grilled chicken on a wheat pita, water

1pm: Martial arts workout

2pm: Greek yogurt, water

4:30pm: Ahi tuna steak, green beans, water

7:30pm: Protein shake

9:30pm: Apple, water

Once again, only a sample, as every day is something different. Bless my wife for shopping for all of this stuff. Next week I’ll lay out another two days to give you an example.

Lee, Love and Life,

Sifu Matt

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