Sifu and Eating Out…

One month of no restaurants with my family wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be. Against my intuition, my 4th week was tougher than my 1st, but overall, it went smoothly. This last weeekend we hit a pizza place, Panera and a local café.. where each place I ate fairly healthy (with the exception of a little bit too much pizza the first night out).

My goal is to continue my diet from Sunday night to Thursday afternooon, with no restraunt food, unless I have some sort of business meeting. Where I did let myself go this last weekend was sweets… so I’ll get back on track with knocking those out during my weekdays, and setting boundries for the weekend.

Here is a sample day for my eating this week, just to once again, give you an idea:

6am: Weight lifting or Cardio workout

7am: 2 scrambled eggs, plain oatmeal, water, omega 3 pill

9am: Beef Jerky, water

12noon: 2 Grilled chickens fillets, water

1pm: Martial arts workout

2pm: Greek yogurt, water

4:30pm: Grilled Samon, green beans, water

7:30pm: Protein shake

9:30pm: Grapes, Cinnomon Kashi cereal without milk, water

Next week I’ll talk about supplements! Stay tuned!

Lee, Love and Life,

Sifu Matt

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