Day #4: Rocky in Russia

First, before I start, I screwed up. The Adult Wednesday Schedule in Bloomingdale should be Beginner from 7-8pm and Advanced from 8-9pm. I?ll send out an email soon with the correction. My bad.

I love Rocky IV. Yeah, Rocky I is great, II is not too bad either. Don?t know why I like #4? Maybe because of the Drago factor, a super underdog story, USSR vs. USA, etc. The one thing I do love is the training scenes. Like many of you, it reminds me of my training days in high school, working out in my dark, poorly equipped basement.

Maybe that is why I?ve kept my schools so basic? even smaller than most.

I?m reminded of the Rocky IV scenes this morning, because this morning we had several inches of snow. I started to talk about habits yesterday, and starting this last Monday I started the habit of running every morning at 6am.

When you start a new habit, I will guarantee that before too long, the habit will be challenged. This morning was one of my challenges. Running at 6am in January here in the Midwest is bad enough. Add several inches of snow, on top of several inches that were already sitting? you got your challenge.

Could have stayed on the slightly plowed pavement, but decided to go Rocky IV style, and hit an unplowed walking path. Sorry, didn?t have any mountains to climb.

Was it a bit more difficult, yes. Did I have to pump my legs a bit more, yes. Do I hate my socks getting wet? hate it. But I wanted to ?stick it? to that little voice in the back of my head this morning which told me to ?logically? take the morning off. I?ve failed at enough habits before, so I know what that voice sounds like. I?m guessing you do to.

So what are you going to do about it, the next time it talks to you?

_____ > (Tomorrow?s Subject) > Habits > Results

Lee, Love and Life,


2 Responses to “Day #4: Rocky in Russia”

  1. JKD STUDENT says:

    I love Rocky IV. That movie single handedly ended the cold war.
    Rocky’s speach at the end…that’s it…war over.

  2. Jeremy Miles says:

    Sounds like all you needed was to have the KGB chase you!