DAY #9: Running and Martial Arts (session 1)

So I start my day off running. First thing I do. I already have laid out my clothes the night before, so I get up, go down to my office, get dressed and I?m out the door even before I?m fully awake. Thank God the cold weather fully wakes me up! Yikes!

I encourage you to use this running time to:

1. Listen to an audio book
2. Listen to some motivating music
3. Repeat positive affirmations, as corny as it sounds.

Make use of this time. I find that if I focus on nothing but the run ? I?m much more tired. If you have some Rocky soundtrack music ;) blaring in your ears or if you do nothing more than repeat ?Everyday in every way I?m getting stronger and stronger, better and better, healthier and healthier??, you can?t help to feel stronger, better and healthier after repeating it dozens of times.

If any of those are too much of a stretch for you, then mentally list everything you are grateful for, such as the specific people in your life, experiences you?ve had and ?things? you get to enjoy.

After I get back, I log in a very short martial arts training session. Shadow boxing, carrenza, ground techniques? whatever. I?m actually using my new DVD series the Jeet Kune Do Matrix as an outline for these workouts. I?ll explain more later.

Mind you this is just martial arts session one for the day? Right now 3-4 times a week I?m also logging in a separate additional session with a partner. I?ll let you know how you can get in on these if interested.

Note that both of these actions/habits which I do every day Monday through Friday are short sessions. It is the consistency of the every day?ness which will add up over time and create some pretty cool results. Hang with me?

Lee, Love and Life,


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One Response to “DAY #9: Running and Martial Arts (session 1)”

  1. Lee says:

    The thing to remember about goals is that they should not be the terminus of your journey but just mileposts. If your goal is to be able to run a mile in 8 minutes do you quit training when you achieve that? Of course not. You set a new goal of 7 minutes. Likewise, when I land that new job, I won’t stop updating and posting my resume, I’ll start the hunt for the new and better position.

    There really should be only one “done”. If you ever feel you are done, climb in the box and give me a call. I’ll come throw the dirt on you.