DAY #13: Fill the cup

Many of you may or may not know that I?m dyslexic. I read and even communicate by mixing my words? I?ll even mix my sentences from the front of the class at times. I was tested back around 1st grade, however they could only ?suggest? that I might be. Reading never came easy for me. Once I was around 4th grade all the way up through high school, if I read more than a couple hundred pages collectively, I?d be surprised.

Once in college I finally started to ?treat? myself as a dyslexic, and got down and dirty with the books. In high school I started out as a B/C student? then a B student in college, finally graduating with almost straight A?s through my Master?s Degree. Much of it I can attributed to reading more and more each year.

Because I?m a strong believer in self-educating, when I left my Master?s Degree, I challenged myself to continue to read on topics which would help me develop my business. For the several years out of college, I was reading about 3-4 books a month. Mix in the fact that I also starting writing on a regular basis, and now you have two of my biggest passions.

Not sure if it was Einstein or Twain, but someone wrote that reading and writing is the best exercise for the mind? Oh, it was Stephen Covey. Regardless, I totally agree with it. Although I have cut down my reading, I?ve found a huge love for audio books? especially when I?m driving, working out, and doing outside projects at home. I know have a new found relationship with my iPod/IPhone. I also write on a near daily basis.

It is so important, that you have to work it into your regular morning ritual. Don?t just save it for that time in the future you plan to lay on the beach during your next vacation. And, if you can help it, shoot for a topic in a non-fiction category which you enjoy or that will serve you. One of my most loved possessions is the bookcase I?m sitting feet from right now. It houses dozens upon dozens of books. Topics like communication, investing, exercise, Bruce Lee?s work, health, dieting, emotional balance, parenting, business, how to improve your intellect, biographies, and tons more align and pack each shelf.

Right next to it is another bookshelf with all of my audio books and programs (I currently have around 200 CD discs in this collection). The point is that I attempt to fill my cup? my brain? every day. That is why every morning I dedicate a bit of time to read. What am I currently reading? You?ll have to check in tomorrow to find out.

Lee, Love and Life,


One Response to “DAY #13: Fill the cup”

  1. Jim McCoy says:

    I wasn’t much of a reader either in the early years. The paradox of your comments, Matt, is that as unpleasant as it was to sit down and read something you “had” to read, the easier and more rewarding it got. Speaking of quotes, Sylvester Stalone was asked once why he works so hard to keep his body in shape, and he said because that’s what he uses to carry his brain around it. It turns out Sly is pretty smart. Your message is right on the money Matt. Read every day. If you don’t like something, put it down and get something else the next day. Even if it is just the newspaper online. Read.