DAY #15: Don’t plan to fail…

Who said, ?If you fail to plan, you plan to fail??. Not sure who it was, but he was a smart guy. Are you in a habit of getting up every morning and just going through the motions? Do you let other people and experiences dictate your life? Not an easy thing to break out of, but millions upon millions of people do it every day.

That is why in my morning ritual I take time out and plan out my day, including realizing what are the ?high leverage? items which are going to give me the most bang for my buck. As I write this, this morning, I have my heart and soul of my organizational life right in front of me? my notebook.

My ?life? is in there: monthly goals, plans, blueprints, brainstorms, messages, notes, etc. The one thing I look at about every 10-30 minutes is my plan of what I am doing that day. Luckily today the list isn?t too long, as I have a very intense weekend coming up.

None the less, I know what needs to get done. At the start of every month I brainstorm what I want to get done this month? which is taken off of my yearly plan of what I want to get done that year. Off of my monthly goals, I break them down week by week, including the regular stuff which occurs every week (plan to spend time with my sons, clean my office, financial meeting with my wife, etc.).

Who is guiding my life? I am. I determine what I want to do, and where I want my energy to go. I know exactly what I want each level of my students to accomplish, all the way to what exactly I need to train in martial arts.

Therefore, in the morning I take a look at everything and determine what I want and need to invest my time in. This helps me visualize how my day will look, also knowing I have to be flexible, and adapt when certain ?emergencies? come up. I?ll divulge some great time management books on Monday, which won?t put you to sleep.

A Oh, we?re coming to the end of my ritual list? tune in next week for the conclusion? or is it the start? Are you up on trying this? How about a 30 day challenge?

Lee, Love and Life,


One Response to “DAY #15: Don’t plan to fail…”

  1. Lee says:

    There are many ways to sabotage plans and schedules. The one that comes to mind is non-communication. Your family, friends, support system, whatever, need to be included in your planning. A good example is training at EDS. I have discussed my schedule with my wife Maureen and we have agreed on days and times I will train and therefore not be available for other activities. She now knows what days and times I am available and can plan activities for us without having to check with me.

    Besides being a good way to keep peace in our marriage (31+ years and counting), it insures that I will be able to keep training and (I hope) improving.