DAY #18: Starting off right

Vegetables in the morning? Come on, are you serious Sifu?


If you skip it, you lose the opportunity to start your morning off right. If you are use to eating a bowl of cereal or a muffin? plus that large cup of coffee, will you feel a bit of a crash? Yes. Will you feel hungry? Yes.

Will you thank me after doing it for a while? Without a doubt.

But I have breakfast with grandma this morning at Denny?s? I have to meet my employee or boss for breakfast, and I know I?ll be tempted by that large stack of pancakes, waffles, Danish, or Starbucks combo of the $4.25 coffee cake and $5.50 mocha choco latta feta pasta masta drink.

I understand, I really do.

Before you go out for breakfast simply eat a couple carrots, or order a salad at the place before the pancakes come. Plus, guzzle your glass of water. Here is what that will do:

1. It will start your day off right, the same thing I?ve been preaching this whole. It will pay off in JKD class, and pay off in your work day.

2. You?ll want to eat less of the bad stuff? end of story? who doesn?t want that?

3. The ?sweet? stuff will taste better. I think it does anyway. Doesn?t cold water taste better after a good workout, as opposed to just having it during the day? How about a hot bath after a solid workout? What about seeing your spouse after a week away on a business trip? Get my point?

The water will also hydrate you, and counteract the bad food? much more, coffee, if that is your thing. BTW, I love coffee? Love all of the fluffy Starbucks mixtures of it too, but that is a different conversation.

Make a new habit (key word again). Eat the veggies on the way to work in the car or train? On the way to dropping the kids off to school (great role modeling)? Or first thing when you get up? Even eat them during your morning shower, as they are all water proof.

Ok, that is going too far.

I hope I?ve made my point on this issue. Come back tomorrow, or sign up for the RSS at the bottom of this page to stay tuned in.

Lee, Love, Life,


One Response to “DAY #18: Starting off right”

  1. Jim McCoy says:

    “$5.50 mocha choco latta feta pasta masta drink”. LOL