How much do you know about…

Welcome to the Elite Defense Systems Christmas contest!

How much do you know about Bruce Lee, Jeet Kune Do and Elite Defense Systems? Well, if you know a little, you could win some pretty cool things… and if you know a lot, you could win some very nice things.

Here is how it works. I’ll post a total of 12 questions on this blog over the next 6 weeks. If you check in enough, I’ll even post plenty of hints to help you wins some very cool prizes. Here is the big rule you need to have down: When replying to a question, you must copy and post the question to get prize.

Therefore, if I ask: What was Bruce Lee’s wife’s name? You would respond in your post:

What was Bruce Lee’s wife’s name? Linda.

Easy enough?

The Grand Prize will be given out at the end of the holiday season on New Years! What is the prize? How about “prizes”! That’s right, multiple items to the person who gets the most answers correct (as long as you always post the question(s) first, then the answers. Fair enough?

Keep these questions and answers to yourself! Don’t post anything until the end of the contest. Those 12 questions are the keys to your success!

Up until that time, I’ll ask an additional SIX questions for smaller prizes. The first person to post the question – and answer to those win immediate prizes! So once again, keep the answers to your 12 questions to yourself (I’ll number them 1-12)… Answer the six mini questions (lettered A-F) immediately! If you don’t also post the question with the answer – your answer doesn’t count! Even if it is correct! Got it? Ok! Let’s start!

(Keep this answer to yourself.)
1. What are Bruce Lee’s childrens’ names?

(Answer immediately to win Volume 1, 2 or 3 of the Complete JKD Street Fighter DVD series.)
A. Who taught Bruce Lee his first art, and what was his name?

Looking forward to the answers (and questions!). If you have problems posting to this blog, please email me at matt .

Lee, Love and Life,

Sifu Matt

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