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Kid's Karate School

Youth: There are two parts to our youth martial arts program:
• The self-defense part teaches them how to protect themsleves and gives them exercise.
• The character building part gives them confidence, self-control, discipline, and a whole lot more.

Women's Classes

Women: There are times when females have specific fears and problems which need specific solutions. Our classes can show any female how to protect herself against bigger and stonger attackers, while gaining the self-confidence she needs. At the same time, our self-defense classes are built to be the best workout you've ever experienced.
Men's Self-Defense through the Original Mixed Martial Art

Men: Men don't need the traditional martial arts that focus on kids, and why should they train with sport arts which won't protect them out on the street? Our self-defense classes are the challenge you need in to succeed in your family, at your job, and in life. Learn the most cutting edge self-defense system ever created!
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Adult Classes: EDS specializes in adult classes for men and women. Adult classes start from ages 12-16 depending on the student, but most of the classes consist of 50%+ of adults 30-50's Students have the ability to attend JKD classes which meet their skill several times throughout the week. In addition, we also have specialty classes which focus on specific ranges and areas of defense, such as Boxing, Kick Boxing, Ground Fighting, Weapons, and others. Please contact us for a current schedule of classes. All new students start at a beginning level and pace, then gain momentum as students quickly learn needed skills. Students with a lot of previous experience may start in a higher level, please consult an instructor for details.

Youth Classes: Our youth classes go way beyond most regular martial arts programs by teaching not only cutting edge martial arts, but important life skills (listening, following through) and character building attributes (showing respect, increasing self-confidence). Whether you are a parent looking to give your child an edge in life, or help them in a difficult time of development.

Private Group Morning Classes: For those who work in the evening, odd hours, or desire a much more intense pace, private group morning classes may be for you. Class size is usually a fraction of the regular evening classes, however, the fees are much higher given the intense personal attention.

Seminars: EDS hosts a number of seminars throughout the year covering a wide variety of topics. Please check our web site's calendar for upcoming events.

Employee Wellness Programs: EDS can add a unique option to wellness programs by helping employees gain self-defense skills and a new way to relieve stress. Please call for more information.

Law Enforcement/Military Instruction: Please call for more information, or to schedule a consultation.

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Referral Policy

It is our mission here at Elite Defense Systems to create a learning and workout environment where you are proud to bring your family, friends, co-workers, customers, clients, and acquaintances. The finest compliment we can ever receive is a referral from our students. Any of your guests will receive a trial month of lessons for free, the same 50% discount on seminars you receive, and a 10% discount on products bought by you for their birthdays and holidays. We want to reward those who go out of their way to help increase the quality of peoplesí lives around them, by referring them to Elite Defense Systems. Therefore, please take advantage of our referral rewards:

1 referral - $50 Worth of equipment/Products
2,3,4 referrals - $100 In Cash (for each)
5 referrals - One Additional Year of Free Training

Refer Ten Students: Free Lifetime Membership of Classes