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Jamie Weisse — Dealing with a bum ankle since starting with EDS almost 2 years ago, Jamie has shown how hard work and consistancy is the secret to growth. With near perfect attendance, Jamie has made weapons sparring something every student has to "worry" about.

Brandon Mueller — A young Brandon was accepted into the "older" class a couple months ago. Brandon's skill has improved, mostly because of his focus. He is a great role model for behaving properly, helping others out in class, and sharing... Great job! Brandon also has a secret weapon at home as his mother Susan is one of our Advanced students!
Tim Hill — Tim has showed how a 40 something student can balance out work, family, and martial arts life. Tim will admit he is not the most athletic student, but also shows how he uses his dedication, desire, and inner motivation to excel.

Maggie Sowa — Maggie has been training at EDS for over a year, and has showed immense maturity and growth while she has been here. At one point the only female in her class, Maggie used her natural speed and agility to outsmart her bigger and stronger classmates.