• Adult Evolutions

Current and make up being held in Rockford THIS Saturday.  Check on our new simplified calendar for more details!

• Elite Facebook!

Do a search for, and check out EDS's Facebook page!

• MATRIX DVDs Release to few...

Check out the blog for Sifu Matt's new release!

• Sifu's Trip and Injury Article
Blog alert!  Check out Sifu's trip details, and how to care for and prevent injuries (which is only on the student blog)!

• Staff on Blog
Check out info about the staff members dedicated to teaching you on the blog!

If you have not checked out the blog this week... tune in for tons of new topics and subjects!

Please see blog for postcard correction info.

• Blog Week
If you want EDS news - up to date and important to YOU... Check out the blog everyday this week!

• Roy Harris Seminar
Sign up for Sifu Roy's seminar at EDS today.  Only $75 per day, or both days for $130!  That is only $13 per instructional hour!  Prices will be much more at the door, and spots are limited, so sign up today! 

• Weigh Ins Start this Week
EDS weight loss contest starts TODAY. Weigh ins will be this and next week. Everyone can only weigh in ONCE. Weight ins will be happening in Rockford this and next week, Monday and Thursday, and we?ll be in Bloomingdale this and next week on Tuesday and Wednesday. People MUST sign up and pay online to weigh in? no exceptions.

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