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Jeet Kune Do Video Library

Our video library is for our students only.  However, if you would like to review a couple FREE instructional videos, please click on the Free links below.  If you are interested in viewing our full library covering dozens of instructional videos teaching kick boxing, close quarters, ground fighting, weapons, mass attack and MORE... you can purchase a monthly membership for $39.00 (you can unsubscribe at anytime.)


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Welcome Videos

»Youth Welcome Video
»Women's Welcome Video
»Men's Welcome Video

Students: What Are They Saying?

» Testimonial from New Adult Male Student
» Testimonial from Student who was Robbed
» Testimonial from Female Student who Wants to Get in Shape
» Testimonial from Teenager Who Learned How Not to Fight
» Testimonial from Parent Explaining Martial Arts Benefits
» Rick's Story

Class sneak Peeks

» Youth Class Overview #1
» Youth Class Overview #2
» Adult Self Defense Training
» EDS Mens Classes
» EDS Womens Classes


» Defending Against the 3 Most Common Attacks
» Ground Flow From Triangle


» Weapons Energy Drills