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Women’s Self Defense

There are times when females have specific fears and problems which need specific solutions. Our classes can show any female how to protect herself against bigger and stronger attackers, while gaining the self-confidence she needs. At the same time, our self-defense classes are built to be the best workout you’ve ever experienced!


Men’s Self-Defense through the Original Mixed Martial Art

Men don’t need the traditional martial arts that focus on kids, and why should they train with sport arts which won’t protect them out on the street? Our self-defense classes are the challenge you need in to succeed in your family, at your job, and in life. Learn the most cutting edge self-defense system ever created!


Kids Karate School

There are two parts to our youth martial arts program. The self-defense part teaches them how to protect themselves and gives them exercise and then there’s the character building part that gives them confidence, self-control, discipline, and a whole lot more!


Andy Hoffman

Andy has been in Shoryn-Ru style Karate in his hometown in PA for 3 1/2 years. He liked the Friday night sessions with contact bouts for ...
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Max Aumann

Prior to being a student I served in the United States Navy.  I love to learn new techniques and strategies, and working on improving myself though ...
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Julia Mothkovich

I joined EDS because I wanted to find a fun way to get in better shape and stay active. I have always been curious about ...
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Paul Vespa

I have never had any martial arts training in the past. I have sent the last couple years growing and training at EDS and have ...
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Jon Bond

I started at EDS with no martial arts background, only an interest in Bruce Lee movies.  I had heard from a friend of mine that ...
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Matt Numrich

Elite Defense Systems (EDS) was founded by Matthew J. Numrich. Mr. Numrich was certified as one of only a handful of Full Instructor of Jeet ...
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Featured Students

Maggie Sowa

Maggie has been training at EDS for over a year, and has showed immense maturity and growth while she has been here. At one point the only female in her class, Maggie used her natural speed and agility tooutsmart her bigger and stronger classmates.



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