The Best Weapon Defense Lesson


Many times in martial arts schools, weapon’s training is saved until sometime in advanced instruction, many years down the line from a beginner. Unfortunately, some police data shows that up to 70% of street attacks contain some sort of a weapon at sometime during the altercation. Therefore, weapon’s defense should be taught at the start, preparing a student for a likely element in self-defense.

There are two main types of weapon’s altercations, “weapon vs. empty hands” which is being attacked by an armed opponent when you don’t have a weapon. There is also “weapon vs. weapon” which is a situation where both have weapons. This video covers the latter situation as a starting point, in the cases the defended has or can get to any makeshift weapon for defense purposes. You will quickly see it will bypass the usual “memorization” training systems most arts teach.

You can find out more about both types of weapons attacks, and how to prepare yourself for defense against edged, impact and projectile weapons alike by checking out regular classes at where we’re currently getting ready to start up a new class.